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Collators / Sheet Feeders Saddle Stitchers/Bookletmakers

Collators/Sheet Feeders

DSC-10/60i CollatorDSC-10/20 CollatorDFC-100 Collator
Sheet Feeders:
DSF-5000 Sheet FeederDSF-2200 Sheet Feeder

Saddle Stitchers/Bookletmakers

Saddle Stitching Systems | Collating Systems | Sheet Feeding Systems | Specialty Systems | Options

Slitter / Cutter / Creasers Perfect Binders

Slitters / Cutters / Creasers

DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser | DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/creaserDC-616 PRO Slitter/Cutter/CreaserDC-616 Slitter/Cutter/CreaserDC-445 CreaserIFS Integrated Folding SystemCP375 TouchlineCP375 DUO TouchlineCF375 TouchlineCC-330 Card CutterCC-228 Card CutterDuplo Barcode Generator

Perfect Binders

DPB-500 Perfect BinderDPB-500 PUR Perfect BinderKB-4000 PUR Perfect BinderpfiBIND 2000 PUR Perfect BinderDB-280 Perfect Binder

Guillotine Cutters UV Coaters

Guillotine Cutters

800 PRO Hydraulic Cutter660 PRO Hydraulic Cutter490 PRO Hydraulic Cutter490 Hydraulic Cutter

UV Coaters

Ultra 300Ai UV CoaterUltra 200A UV CoaterUltra 100 PRO UV Coater

Paper Folders Die Cutters

Paper Folders

DF-1200 Air SuctionDF-980 Automatic FolderDF-970 Automatic FolderDF-777 Automatic FolderDF-755 Manual FolderCF375 Touchline

Die Cutters

UD-300 Rotary Die Cutter

Digital Duplicators Others

Digital Duplicators

DP-U950 Digital DuplicatorDP-U850 Digital DuplicatorDP-J450 Digital DuplicatorDP-F510 Digital DuplicatorDP-L510 Digital DuplicatorDP-L210 Digital DuplicatorDP-A120 Digital Duplicator


We offer a variety of other equipment to meet your print finishing needs such as form bursters, mail tabbers, and paper joggers.

V-590 Sheet CutterV-767 Form BursterV-417 Cut Sheet Burster | V-350 Form BursterRC-7 Round Corner CutterUJ-500AS Paper JoggerUP-240 Paper Bander